Shipping + Handling


Shipping Options

Products are shipped 1-2 days after payment transactions have been completed. The cut-off times of each order are provided so that customers can have a general guideline of shipment time frames. Please note that there may be delays due to payment or address verification.

Shipping Methods: 

Air Mail

Shipping Period: The standard delivery time will take about 7-10 business days depending on your country. Usually customers purchasing from Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. may be able to receive it within the same week. It will take a minimum of a week for customers in countries in the western hemisphere such as USA and Canada to receive their orders.

*If you don't receive your order(s) within two weeks of your shipment notification, please do not panic! Although the Korea Post is known to be quick, there can be some delays.

EMS Express Mail Service

Shipping Period: The standard delivery time will take about 5-7 business days

Price: Please note that the price is designated by the weight of the product. If you order more than one product, we will calculate the shipping for you and it will be based on the total weight of the products that you are ordering.

Please note that we can only ship to countries allotted by the EMS shipping method.

Preferred Options: Due to possible shortages in the inventory, we may often send items that are in stock so our customers can enjoy our products as soon as possible. We will send remaining items as soon as our inventory is replenished. 

Please note that responsibility of the package shifts to the respective carrier service once they take possession of it. Also, Peachbrain does not take responsibility of the delays caused by payment transactions or by customs clearance processes. Please be sure to check your local post office to see how they handle international mail when you are not available as some often return to sender in your absence.