About Peachbrain

Thanks for checking out Peachbrain. Our mission is to inspire girls to be fierce, confident, and unashamed of late night pizza binges while enjoying the reruns of The Office. We are attentive to how girls identify themselves as, and we want to help them show off what they really think through our products. Just take a look at our 'statement' t-shirts -they embody the Twitter-meme obsessed youth of 2017.

Peachbrain is inspired by a fusion of random but nonethless relevant people and concepts. Our muses range from the cute and quirky Kiko Mizuhara to abstract Japanese animation seen from our team's trips to Tokyo. Regardless, we strive to concoct art pieces that would reflect the zeitgeist of girls today.

What we think...

You should never let prices get in your way of being stylish. Peachbrain was made to provide our customers with clothes inspired from Korean street fashion mixed with the runways of Milan. Many would describe Peachbrain as for cute, tomboyish style with a hint of femininity and eccentricity. A big factor that distinguishes Peachbrain apart from other brands is that quality is not compromised despite the low prices. We believe that you should not have to pay more to receive more. Our vision is to provide our customers with our unique fashion in the most affordable and easiest ways possible.

Our headquarters is located in Seoul, South Korea, which is emerging as a global fashion superpower. Renowned magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar frequently recap the trends of Seoul Fashion Week hours within its debut. More and more people are becoming aware and thus attracted to the quirky, eccentric fashion of Seoul. Our goal is to make this popular fashion accessible to our customers so that you can dress your best wherever you are located. With Peachbrain, you can dress like the runway without emptying your wallet. Despite clothes coming from halfway around the world, we offer free shipping for your convenience.