We're Cool For the Summer

Image via  Culture Trip

Image via Culture Trip

We know that those textbooks you had to buy for biology but never really opened coupled with eating like a hobbit everyday completely destroyed your credit card and only increased your mom's disdain at your text-message pleas to send you more money.

BUT, it's the best season of the year, and we're here to tell you how we can, best phrased by Demi Lovato, "take you down into your paradise", by providing all of the best summer plans on a budget. 

Image via  Stocksy

Image via Stocksy

1. Beach Day

Everybody loves a good ol' day at the beach. It's the only place where it's publicly acceptable for you to splash and stomp around in a bikini. Some budget-friendly activities you can try include renting a board and suit, as well as a game of beach volleyball. If you're an avid H2O hater or have an extreme aversion for sharks, you can lounge on the sand with a nice pair of sunglasses and a light novel while you soak up some Vitamin-D. 

Image via  Moda Operandi

Image via Moda Operandi

2. Picnics at the Park

Here are the steps: go to the grocery store, then head over to the park with your bags of goodies. If you want to get some fancy Insta-worthy shots while you picnic, make sure you thrifted that vintage wicker basket a day beforehand so your friends will confuse your post with a Pinterest ad. 

After you put down your perfectly-ironed gingham-pattern picnic blanket--or makeshift trash bags depending on your MBTI personality--you can play a game of UNO with loser buying ice cream. You can also opt to lie down and talk about what you want to eat for dinner (Chipotle or Taco Bell) or the meaning of life a.k.a. should I drop out of college? 

3. Road Trip!

It's probable that while you and your friends were lounging on the picnic blanket, you guys had a conversation that went something like this: "I want to do something this summer"--followed by a unanimous decision for a road trip. So, let us tell you how to keep your road trip: 1. cheap, 2. full of laughter, and 3. full of eating.

Make sure you choose the friend with the most gas-efficient car to take on this road trip. Some cool destinations for Californians include the Joshua Tree National Park, Norcal to Socal and vice versa, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs. Fill your car with obnoxious laughter by singing Karaoke to random radio stations and playing Never Have I Ever. Keep your stomachs happy by visiting the highest reviewed, 1$ restaurants on Yelp as you travel through towns and cities wondering who named them (Zzyxx Road). 

Image via  Stouttent

Image via Stouttent

4. Glamorous Camping - "Glamping"

If you're one of those hardcore campers who doesn't take anything to the mountains because "nature provides", we're sorry if this post offended you. Glamping is a new way of camping for nature-lovers that hate the bugs, outdoor bathrooms, and lack of showers that camping comes with.

All that you need for Glamping is a tent for you and your buddies, and a nice backyard. A small fire-pit to make S'mores at night will make it even a better experience. Depending on where you live, you can gaze at the starry sky tracing constellations or take the old acoustic out of the garage and attempt a few chords. We guarantee that this will be a cheap and memorable experience!

Whether you're planning a picnic at the park or a week's stay at the Bahamas, make sure you check out our list of perfect crop-tops to keep cool and look cool for the summer.