Our Muses for the Fall

Photo via  @thatschic

Photo via @thatschic

Inspiration boards, magazines cut-outs, and your laptop screen cluttered with various tabs of currently trending fashion bloggers. This is probably what your life looks like if you're struggling to find a blog-worthy style of your own, or even if you're just looking for an outfit to wear for the weekend. 

As a fashion brand, Peachbrain is always on the move looking for inspiration through trendy bloggers, "#ootd models" and even ordinary people with enviable closets--these people are usually key to finding those lightbulb moments that lead to launching new collections.

If you're in need of a closet makeover, or you want new staple pieces for your wardrobe, check out the list below and you'll be reeling with creativity overload.

Photo via  @karla_deras

Photo via @karla_deras

Karla of Karla's Closet (karla_deras on Instagram) is hands down our favorite blogger, fashion enthusiast, entrepreneur and style icon. She knows how to dress for body, and is always bringing back vintage styles to fit the trends of today. She owns her own label "The Line By K"--which gives you the fortune of owning some pieces that largely resemble her staple items. We really recommend checking out both her blog and store. 

Photo via  @thatschic

Photo via @thatschic

As you can see we're bringing back all of the top bloggers of LA, and Rachel of That's Chic is no exception. You can see the hints of Los Angeles street-style in her outfits, and like Karla she implements vintage pieces in her style impeccably and without difficulty. Rachel is one of our favorite bloggers to go to when we're looking for some modern vintage pieces, and definitely worth checking out. 

Photo via  @ireneisgood

Photo via @ireneisgood

Irene of @ireneisgood is a model and entrepreneur who manages her studio (Hi Studio) in Seoul, South Korea. She is popular both in Korea and the states not only because of her super quirky, unique outfits but also because her hair changes as often as the weather. Most of her pieces can be on the expensive side, but her style is something to take note on if you're looking to rehabilitate your closet.

Photo via  @iamkareno

Photo via @iamkareno

Like the others, Karen Yeung of @iamkareno is both a style icon and an entrepreneur, operating her brand Umo Style while editing colorful and creative videos of her makeup tutorials. Not only should we be taking note of her makeup, but also her flawlessly assembled pieces of punk-inspired skirts and creepers reminiscent of the girls of Harajuku. She is a must if you love Asian fashion and Korean makeup trends.

Photo via  @i_am_kiko

Photo via @i_am_kiko

Three words to describe Kiko Mizuhara's style are: eccentric, playful and mischievous. Hailing from Japan, Kiko has represented many brands and starred in notable fashion magazines (Nylon, Dazed and Confused, etc.), and it's no wonder why. Her quirky outfits are inspiration galore for Peachbrain--especially her routine mashup of school-girl skirts with pumps measuring heels 5+ inches--which are always a sight for sore eyes. You can check her Instagram out at @i_am_kiko--you won't regret it.

Did we miss anyone? Comment your favorite style blogger/model in the box below!